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 Temari Pattern LD04 / TemariKai Simple Divisions Patterns

Accomplished beginner design. Interpreted from Yasashii Temari / Cosmo, Book 1 page 8. Originally posted 2005; contributed by Linda D. 
Materials: 24cm circumference mari wrapped in dark green.

Pearl Cotton #5 DMC 321 red, 783 gold

Gold Rush – metallic gold
DMC metallic gold #284

Mark a Simple 32 using the Gold Rush or metallic gold of your choice.

There are two ways of working this pattern.  I choose to leave my marking threads full length, work my design, then when stitching is complete cut and bury the short marking lines.  I felt I had more control over the design this way.  Some stitchers choose to bury each group of 4 threads as they mark the ball, so do whichever is most comfortable for you.

Begin at the NP as shown in the pattern working uwagake chidori kagari stitches up and down your ball, and working from the right to left of each group of 4 threads.  Work a row of red, a row of metallic gold, another row of red.  Repeat at the SP. 

Cut and bury the 4 groups of threads that will create the negative space where you will work long stitches with the gold metallic, so there are 9 stitches on each side of the obi.  Wrap your obi with 5 rows on each side of center, finish with a row of metallic.  Work chidori kagari stitches using the fine DMC metallic over the obi to keep threads in place.

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