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Temari Pattern LB01 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Intermediate design. Personal composition. Originally posted 2011, contributed by Laura B.
Materials:  28cm mari wrapped in black

Pearl Cotton #5, 1 skein each light green, medium green, white, dark brown and variegated dark pink

1 skein medium orange embroidery floss. 1 skein metallic gold floss (such as DMC precious metal effects)

Prepare Simple 12 Division using black cotton thread. 

Wrap Bands: (Bamboo stalks) - Anchoring at the North pole, work maki kagari /vertical bands on every other marking line using 4 rows light green and 4 rows medium green on 2 bands. For the 3rd band invert colors. Place 4 stitches of light green horizontally bisecting the band at the equator (see photo).
Stitch Interlocked Spindles: (large bamboo leaves)  Place keeper pins at 2.5 cm each side of the north pole on the one of the additional marking threads. Stitch a spindle of 8 rows light green then 3 rows medium green. The last stitch taken will cover the end of the marking thread. Place keeper pins as above on the next marking thread. Stitch a 2nd spindle of 8 rows light green then 3 rows medium green. Weave the away stitch over the 1st half and under the 2nd half of the first spindle and the return stitch over the 2nd half and under the 1st half.

Place keeper pins as above on the remaining marking thread. Stitch a 3rd spindle of 8 rows medium green then 3 rows light  green. Weave the away stitch over the 1st half and under the 2nd half of the previous spindles and the return over the 2nd half and under the 1st half.

Stitch small spindles (small bamboo leaves):

Place keeper pins 15 mm north of equator equidistant to center of wrapped band to stitch spindle starting 12 mm length. Stitch 3 rows medium green and 2 rows light green.

Place keeper pins at a 45degree angle equidistant to center of wrapped band to stitch spindle beginning 12 mm length of 3 rows light and 2 rows medium green. The left edge of the spindles meet.

Place 3 stitches from left edge spindles into the left side of the wrapped band at the horizontal equator stitches.

Repeat above on every other bamboo pole
Stitch rabbit and moon motif:

Cut out and pin the rabbit design to the mari to the left of the small bamboo motif, centering as seen in the main photo.  Outline in white sewing thread or if you prefer use marking pencil.
Using white thread outline the rabbit in stem stitches 1mm length is best for outlining a small motif. Repeat twice in every other vertical space.

Cut a circle 15mm diameter, pin to mari as seen in the picture on page 1.

Using two strands of gold thread outline the moon with stem stitches. Remove the circle and stitch a row just inside the first row.
Stitch branch motifs:

Using dark brown, straight stitch per diagram below for branches in each space between the rabbit motifs.
Stitch Plum blossom petals:

Cut a circle 10mm circumference. Notch the circle equidistant for 5 point star. Using dark pink thread secure thread and bring thread out of the mari where the center of your 1st blossom will be.  Pin the star to the mari at this center.

Place keeper pins at the 5 points, remove the star. Wrap  loop flower in dark pink from the center to the left of A around the pin between D-E around E between C-D around D between B-C around C between A-B around B. Secure flower stitching in at 1 out at 4, in at 2 out at 5, in at 3 secure thread, coming out at center of next blossom placement.

Stitch plum blossom stamen:

Insert orange embroidery floss through the center of the blossom leaving about a 5mm end. Secure the floss by taking three buried stitches.  On the 3rd stitch bring the floss back up through the center of another blossom.

Cut the floss a few mm out of the mari on each blossom. Using your fingernail or a needle, separate the floss to mimic the flower stamen.
Stitch pine needle motifs:

Using the medium green, beginning 2.5cm from the south pole straight stitch to 2.5cm the opposite side of the pole. Graduating the size of the stitch downward each row, work
2 rows Shitagake Chidori to create a 5 needle motif.
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