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Temari Pattern JZ06 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Intermediate design. Personal composition from Joan Z. Originally posted 2005 
JZ06 JZ06
Materials:  25cm mari, wrapped in white. #5 Perle Cotton in three shades each of blue, green and purple. 
Mark a Simple 4 with pins only. Insert a second pin beside each equator pin to use as keeper pins.

Start with BLUE: Using your darkest blue wrap 4 rows going in both directions from the pole pins. These wraps will cross at the north and south pole.

NOTE: From this point on all rows are done one at a time. Complete 1 row around each side of the box before going on to row 2.  For each color, measure the thread 8 ½ times around the ball to determine how much you need for each. Remember to cross over to the other side of your box (develops at the cross at the poles) when passing through the keeper pins at the equator -  this will help to keep you threads from sliding and give a nice V effect at the obi.

Med Blue: wrap one row on each side of your dark blue; repeat until you have 4 rows on each side. This will give you a box with a dark blue center.

Repeat with Light Blue until you have 4 rows around each side of the med. blue

PURPLE: Wrap OVER the light and med blue rows and pass UNDER the 4 rows of dark blue. Repeat one row at a time starting with dark purple – 4 rows, med. purple – 4 rows and light purple – 4 rows.

GREEN: Wrap OVER the purple rows UNDER the 4 rows of light blue, OVER the med and dark blues, UNDER the 4 rows of light blue, OVER the purple rows. Repeat one row at a time starting with the light green – 4 rows, med green – 4 rows, Dark green – 4 rows.

Finishing:  Frame the design by wrapping 3 rows of dark purple one row at a time.

Equator Finishing:  you will need to secure your wrap threads at the equator line. Use tabane kagari:  take your thread under the thread bunch, back over then under again. Pull tight to hold threads together. Do at least 4 rows to form a band around the thread bundles at the equator.

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