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Temari Pattern JZ01 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Intermediate design. Personal composition from Joan Z. Originally posted 2006
JZ01 JZ01
Materials:  36cm mari, wrapped in white. #5 Perle Cotton in 5 colors plus black.  

Prepare a Simple 16 division, with 8 alternate lines marked in white and 8 alternate lines marked in metallic. Add equator line in metallic.
Measure ½ way between equator and NP, add an extra marking line around the mari. Repeat on the SP.

All stitching and wrapping for this size mari with pearl cotton #5 is 10 rows, beginning and ending with black.

On the metallic guidelines place a pin ½ way between the pole and your extra guideline. On the mari-color guidelines measure 1.5 cm up from the added marking line. Stitch an open (wide) 8 pointed kiku with uwagake chidori kagari around both poles (shown in blue in the photo).  It should work out to 10 rows with # 5 pearl.

Stitch Hexagons: Where the extra metallic marking line crosses a mari-colored marking line, measure 1 cm out from each side and place yellow pins. On the next mari-colored guideline measure 1cm out from each side and place green pins. Continue around the mari, alternating yellow and green pairs of pins. You should now have 4 pairs of yellow pins and 4 pairs of green pins. Stitch the 4 Yellow-pin Hexagons first. See photo. The Green-pin hexagons are stitched nejiri/interlocked style over the yellow pin hexagons and under the star points. When passing under the star points bury your thread in the thread wrap until your stitches are above the V of the star.

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