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Temari Pattern GT78 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Accomplished beginner design. Interpreted from various Japanese sources. Originally posted 2001, contributed by Ginny T.
Materials: 28cm circumference mari, wrapped in purple

Pearl Cotton #5 in three shades of pink, three shades of green, white.

Metallic marking thread in gold
Prepare a Simple 32 division

This is a standard application of Amime Kagari. Begin about .75 cm from the pole. With lightest shade of pink, work points A-P in chidori kagari one row around the ball back to starting point. Select the next darker shade of thread, and enter it to begin in the downward notch of one of the chidori from Row 1, work another round of chidori kagari (points a-p) "opposite in zigs" to the prior, with the uppermost stitch of the row you are working being taken just over into the notch of the previous row. End off at home where you began the row. Select the next color or shade - repeat the A-P round, and so forth. Repeat the alternating chidori kagari rounds going from darkest pink to lightest, then use lightest green to the darkest.

Work maki kagari for wrapped obi in white. Add obi kagari over the maki kagari.

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