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Temari Pattern GT76 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Beginner design; this Temari is a cinch to make. An optical illusion is created with the color choices. It uses two thread colors, one of which matches the mari wrap.  Originally posted in 2003; contributed by Ginny T.
Materials: 20 cm circum mari, wrapped in white and marked in Simple 8.

Pearl Cotton #5 in white and green;  fine and medium gold metallic threads.

      Prepare a simple 8 ball, with the fine metallic thread.  The pattern is a standard kiku worked in uwagake chidori  worked on four threads with one color and four threads with the second. Remember that one of those colors should match your base wrap as closely as possible. Work one round on alternate threads from close to the pole to half way between pole and equator. On the alternate threads, work one round in the second color. Continue to alternate one round of each color until the lower points of the kiku closely approach the equator. You will see as you work that the petals stitched in the thread matching the mari wrap will "disappear" into the design appearance. Work this design on both poles, being sure to keep the same color threads on the same stitching lines.

     When you have completed both poles, finish off by running long stitches in the opposite colors as shown - along the bottom of the petals from point to bottom of the V, and from the pole to the bottom of the uwagake wedge.

     Work an obi of your choice - it is not visible in this picture, but it is a simple wrapped band obi first with the matching color,  finishing with one or two of the contrasting. It is then accented with a metallic obi kagari. A more simple obi will enhance the optical illusion of the ball - a more complicated one will distract the eye from it.

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