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Temari Pattern GT12 / TemariKai Simple Divisions Patterns

This is a simple design; it was my first attempt at a personal composition temari, done in 1999. It is worked in traditional Uwagake Chidori Kagari, with a Nejiri (interlocked) style at the equator. Originally posted in 2001; contributed by Ginny T.
Materials: 27 cm circum  mari, wrapped in white. You can add a light over-wrap of Kreinik iridescent multi-color blending filament (#095, Starburst) over the white mari wrap as is done on this example); Pearl Cotton #5 in 4 shades of blue; medium gold metallic thread.

Divide and mark a Simple 16 with gold metallic.

GT1101 Polar design on north and south hemispheres: Beginning with the lightest shade of blue, stitch 8-point Uwagake Chidori star on points A through P (shown in read in diagram). Inner (upper) points of the start at the pole are about 3 mm from the center. Bottom points are 1/2 distance from pole to equator.

Work 1 more round in lightest blue, then 3 of medium-light blue, 4 of medium-dark blue, and 1 of darkest blue.
Work same design on both north and south poles.
The obi is worked in 2 sections, one in each hemisphere and they will interlock Nejiri style; work one side at a time. On the first side, work Uwagake Chidori Kagari following points 1 through 15. The upper point of the band starts 1/2 distance from pole to equator. First row of the bottom points are placed just under the equator. Notice that the upper points of the obi are on the same marking lines as the upper points of the pole motifs. Using the 3 lighter shades, beginning with the darker of the 3, work 4 rounds of each shade. Finish with 1 row of gold metallic. For opposite side, work the design in the same way but pass the thread under the rows of the first section of the obi after taking the bottom stitch of the Uwagake Chidori, then carry up to the next upper stitch. This will create the interlocked/Nejiri style (see photo).
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