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Temari Pattern GT02 / TemariKai Simple Divisions Patterns

Advanced beginner design, interpreted from one of the Japanese books. Originally posted 2001; contributed by Ginny T.
Materials: 23 cm circum  mari, wrapped in navy.
Pearl Cotton #5 in white and 4 shades of green; medium gold metallic thread.

Divide and mark a Simple 8 with gold metallic thread.

On each marking line, locate points A and B, which are 1/4 and 1/2 the distance between the pole and the obi. Locate in both the North and South hemispheres. Work a spindle - enter at A, turn the ball upside down so that B is pointing North, take a stitch, turn the ball so A is pointing North, take a stitch, turn so B is North and stitch, etc. - until the polar end of each spindle approaches the pole. The upper edges of the sides will begin to abut. Work this on each marking line in each hemisphere.

GT02 To work the center section, locate the points shown, over a set of four consecutive marker lines. 1-4 back to 4, repeat around the ball; A-D back to A; a-d back to a; w-z back to z. Place a set of keeper pins on each line at the obi. Work a double-ended (sakasa) uwagake chidori, crossing the threads at the obi allowing the keeper pins to hold them. Work each set one at a time, moving to the right one marker thread. This will create a woven pattern to all of the threads. Work three or four rounds as you desire. To finish, work tack stitches over the crossed thread bundles at each marking line.

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