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Temari Pattern GK21 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Advanced design. Interpreted from  Fun with Temari, #3 page 18/94. Originally posted 2007; contributed by Glenna B.
GK21 Materials: 40cm circumference mari, wrapped in brown
#5 Perle Cotton in black, browns DMC 435/434/433) & variegated browns
#12 Perle Cotton in medium brown

Prepare Simple 10 division using #12 pearl in medium brown for the marking threads.


gk21Measure distance from NP to SP and divide into 1/3’s. Place a pin in odd mark lines 1/3 down from pole. These should form a pentagon shape.  Repeat pentagon shape at the SP. In the NP pentagon work 5 triangles:

[1 black, 5 dk. brown, 1 black, 6 tan, 1 black] side by side around the pole.
There should still be space between the triangles so the mark lines show between them.
Weave 6 concentric pentagons:
[1 black, 6 medium brown, 1 black] around the mark lines through the center of the triangles.
As thread leaves the center of a triangle, weave under the right side bands, up between the triangles, and over the left side bands.

Repeat triangles and pentagons at the SP.

The space between the polar pentagons will  be divided into 5 diamonds.  Locate the side of one triangle which parallels the equator.  Place a pin at each point.  From the pin on the right follow the mark line down toward the SP and locate the triangle point.  Place a pin at the point.  Now follow that triangle to the right and place a pin on the right side point.  You should now have a diamond with 2 points in the North and 2 points to the right and South.  Now identify the remaining 4 diamonds around the mari. Work “wood” type patterns in 5 different equator diamonds.
Planks:  Stitch single black thread evenly spaced across the width of the diamond (parallel to the equator).  With a single black thread stitch a long line from point to point of the length of the diamond, weaving over/under the black width threads. With doubled thread stitch side by side stripes of variegated brown.  Weave over/under the black width threads.  After 10 variegated threads, stitch another black single thread.  Weave the next 10 variegated threads under/over outlined with black.  Keep weaving these planks until the diamond is filled.I worked this pattern for 3 diamonds using 3 different variegated browns.
See photos left and below.
gk21    gk21

Planks 2:  Stitch Planks in the same manner described above.  Use varying numbers of rounds for the planks to get different widths.  Outline each in black.  Use the three different solid browns.

Bricks:  From one point work downward [10 brown, 1 black, 10 brown, 1 black]  until the diamond is filled and you have reach the other point.    Note:  I used tan variegated for my bricks.  They they could be worked in any solid, variegated, or combination of threads.
Stitch a single black thread over all from point to point.  Take several more lengthwise black stitches to evenly divide the diamond in to “bricks.”  You decide the width.
Couch the black threads in place with an “X” at each black thread intersection.  I used med. brown #12 Perle Cotton.
When all triangles, pentagons, and diamonds are stitched, outline them with dark brown.  Match the over/under weave at the areas between polar triangles.
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