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Temari Pattern GK15 / TemariKai Simple Divisions Patterns

Intermediate design. Personal composition. Originally posted 2006; contributed by Glenna K.
Materials: 24cm circumference mari, wrapped in black

#5 Perle Cotton in bright variegated in the 6 different rainbow colors and black
Metallic thread in gold

Splitting Uwagake Chidori for the color effect is found in several Japanese books. This is application for a rainbow effect, or the old "tv test pattern" (if you are old enough to remember it).

1.  Prepare a Simple 24 division. rap mari with black sewing thread. 2.  Measure half the distance from pole to equator.  On every other mark line place a pin at that point in both hemispheres. 3. Uwagake chidori kagari will be worked in the rainbow color sequence of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple around the mari.  Each color will be used twice on opposite sides of the mari.
4.  Label the mark lines from left to right with numbers 1 thru 24.  With red begin at the half way pin on mark line #3. NB: Uwagake is open and two-toned at the top!
Exit your thread from the thread wrap to the left of Line 3.  Take the upper portion of your stitch on thread 5 as close to the pole as possible.  Enter your  needle and bring it up the same distance from the pole and to the left of 1.  Now bring your needle back down to your starting point and complete the stitch.  Let the thread and needle hang.  Do NOT end thread or cut. You should now have a ”U” shape uwagake stitch which spans 5 mark lines at the top near the pole.  It begins and ends at the half way pin of the mark line in the center of the “U”.

5.  Move right to the halfway pin on mark line 5.  Take an open uwagake stitch as described above with orange pearl cotton.  This stitch will span mark threads 3-7.  Leave the threaded needle hanging.

6.  Move right again and take a yellow open kiku stitch on threads 5-9.  Leave the threaded needle hanging.

7.  Continue to work open uwagake stitches all around the ball in rainbow color order.  This round is complete when you have made one uwagake stitch with each color at two opposite places all around the mari.

8.  Work 4-8 rounds of open uwagake stitches around each mark line in the northern hemisphere; repeat on the southern hemisphere.

9.  Wrap the obi with metallic thread and anchor with black chidori kagari which crosses over each segment. 

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