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Temari Pattern GK09 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Intermediate design. Interpreted from Cosmo 3, page 7, #5. Originally posted 2005; contributed by Glenna B.
GK01 GK01
Materials: 24cm mari in black.  #5 Pearl Cotton in black, white, and purple. Silver marking thread.

1.  Prepare a Simple 12 division. Use silver or white thread for vertical marking lines. Pin but do not place a marking thread on the equator.Measure the point 1/2 way between equator and poles.  Place a pin on each mark line at that point.

 2.  On each vertical line work tsumu kagari (spindle) at the equator beginning at the 1/2 way point pins.  Each spindle will be 8 rounds beginning with White and alternating 1 row black and 1 row white.

3.  Next work 3 interwoven (kousa style) spindles around each pole on alternating mark lines.  These will be stitched 1 round at a time on each spindle.  This stitch sequence will produce a 6 point star at each pole. Be sure to maintain stitching sequence. Begin the first round at the 1/2 way point pin and take the stitch under the marking line running down the center of the equator spindle. The pole interwoven spindles will be 8 rounds beginning with white and alternating 1 white and 1 black row. The spindles are elongated and should almost reach the equator when complete. Note that the polar spindles are worked over the equator spindles, as a second layer.

4.  Wrap an obi with purple. The obi weaves over the spindles which are overlapped by the pole spindles, and under the open spindles.

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