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Temari Pattern CC01 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Beginner design;  interpreted from Japanese book Utsukushii Temari (Beautiful Temari) ISBN 4529027821, page 96.  Originally posted in 2004; contributed by Carol C.
Materials: 20 cm circum mari, marked in Simple 16.

The marking thread is DMC Metallic Embroidery (on the spool). Wrap the mari in the color of your choice but match it to the pearl color you wish to use in addition to white. The obi can be in the same colors or not, your choice.

1. Begin kiku design approximately ¼” from the north pole using uwagake chidori kagari. Place “petal” of the kiku approximately 1/3 of the distance up from the equator. End the final round at 0.5 cm from the equator. Alternate rounds of white and red (in this case).

2. Take white thread and lay a long stitch over the top part of each red section of the kiku. Repeat for the bottom part of each red section of the kiku.

3. Take red thread and lay a long stitch over the bottom part of each white section of the kiku.

4. Repeat 1 through 3 for the south pole.

5. Apply desired obi, 1 cm wide

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