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Temari Pattern AB01 / TemariKai Simple Division Patterns

Accomplished Beginner design. Inspired by Craft of Temari. Originally posted 2005; contributed by Anastasia B.
AB01 Ab01
Materials: (36cm) mari in black. Stitching threads are 3 shades of the same color of #5 pearl cotton. Metallic marking thread.  Do not mark equator, but keep those pins in place.

Mark a Simple 32 division with the same metallic thread that will be used in the design. The center of the flower is worked first. Use metallic and weave over and under the marker threads to create a center about 1-2cm in diameter, as you desire in relation to the size of your mari. In needlework, this technique is called "spider web", "rose", "woven wheel" etc. stitch. You can see an illustration here: http://www.nordicneedle.net/2011/07/29/spider-web-stitch-embroidery/

Next, place pins to mark where to stitch the petals. Use the distance from pole to equator as the reference and place pins to mark the outer points of the Kiku. For long petals, place pins 1/8 of this distance up from equator. For mid length petals, 1/3 of this distance up from the equator, and for the short petals, use 1/2 of the distance up from the equator. These distances can be adjusted to your desires.

Work a kiku design using Uwagake Chidori Kagari, from the inner/top stitch at the edge of the center worked previously, and using the pinned points as the outer/bottom points. You want the petals to start as close to the center as possible, so work the top of the stitch in the edge of the center "spider web". Work the design in three shades of the same color working from very pale to medium to dark.  It is the darker shade that really sets the petals apart from one another, so make sure it stands out from the light and medium rather than just blending into them - see the finished photos. The thing I love about this pattern is that it is so easy to play with. You can make the petals as long or as short as you want them - with as much or as little variation in length as you want. if you want an obi, all you have to do is shorten the long petals so that they don't cross the equator, and you will have room for a band there.

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