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Intermediate design; interpreted design. Contributed by Tiny G.
Materials: 24 cm mari  wrapped in light gray

Pearl cotton #5 in  green, red and gold  thread. Black metallic.

Marking thread in green metallic

Prepare an 8-Combination Division

The design is made from 8 woven triangles and 6 squares interlocked nejiri style. First layer Locate the 4 triangles  ABC (red line– two on each side of the mari). Start stitching at A halfway on the marking line intersection. Complete the four red triangle two on each site of the mari. Locate the 4 green triangles a,b,c also 2 on each side of the mari.
Start stitching at point a. halfway on the marking line intersection and complete also 4 triangles. Weave every time by passing the red triangle in the same sequence as shown in diagram.

Thread sequence for the green and red triangles is 1 metal black, 3 green / red, 1 metal black, 3 green / red, 1 metal black

Locate the 6 squares 1,2,3,4  (gold line). Start stitching at 1 just outside the marking lines. Thread sequence  1 black 4 gold  1 black. Follow the weave sequence as shown in diagram.  Finish all 6 squares in the same way

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