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Accomplished beginner to intermediate design; interpreted design.  Contributed by Maggie C
Materials: 28 cm circum mari, wrapped in black

Pearl Cotton #5 in 3 shades of green, 3 shades of yellow to orange

Marking thread in metallic gold

Prepare an 8-Combination Division

Using diagram at left, mark a C8 and add the extra marking lines that are shown in green.
Locate the 8 triangles of the C8 division and work the nejiri mitsubane motif shown in Diagram 1 in each, 1 row at a time to result with Kousa effect of overlapping outer points. Begin with the darkest shade of green. Starting at Pt 1, follow sequence in diagram. Starting center points are 1/2 cm from triangle centers. First row outer point extends just over triangle side marking line. Work 2 rounds darkest green, 1 row lightest green, 2 rows middle shade of green. Follow same path around mari to form Kousa points.

Work a second layer in each triangle as shown in Diagram 2. Begin with lightest shade of yellow. Work floral motif with uwagake chidori as shown in diagram, using the extra marking lines for the center stitches. Place starting center stitches close to center of triangle. First stitch of bottom points in first round should be about 1/2 distance from center to triangle point. Work 1 round lightest shade, 2 of medium and 4 of darkest.
Embellish temari as desired, if you like.

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