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Intermediate design; interpreted from Sousaku Temari  / Cosmo 2 by Sensei Ozaki ISBN 4-8377-0280-5
Contributed by Jessica D.
Materials:  27cm mari in light gray.

Pearl cotton #5 in light peach, peach, light green, dark green; white metallic

Marking thread in thin silver metallic

Prepare an 8-Combination Division in double strand of silver metallic

The embroidery is done in 2 layers. First layer: Locate line AB (see diagram 1). Start with peach at
E above line AB and go to F under line AB using Chidori Kagari. Continue around the mari working
above the line and under the line. Work 3 rows. Do the same but now start at E under line AB.
Next one row in white metallic and two rows of light green. Repeat this on the line CD and the line ACBD.

Second layer: Locate triangle 1, 2, 3. Start close to the center with light peach working the hexagon of the Mitsubane Kikkou Kagari design. Work 3 rows. Next work 2 rows with the white metallic.
Work the outward points of the design with dark green. Start at 4 and follow the path as shown
in diagram 2 until you are back at 4. Next start at 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Continue until you have two rounds of dark green all over. Do the same with two rounds of light green.

Finish the ball by taking two tabane kagari stitches over the bundle of threads between the legs of the Mitsubane as shown in the photograph.

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