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Intermediate design; interpreted from  Zoku Shiki no Temari Kagari / Temari for Four Seasons ISBN 4-8377-0491-3
Contributed by Jessica D.
Materials: 28 cm mari  wrapped in light yellow, mark C8 in copper

Pearl cotton #5 in 3 contrasting colors.

Marking thread in copper metallic

Prepare an 8-Combination Division

Find the triangle BCD. Distance A is ½  the distance between the center of the triangle and E. Measure this distance from the center on all the marking lines in the triangle. Use these points to stitch  extra marking lines ashown in red in diagram 1.

The design is stitched in mawashi style. The path is shown in diagram 2. The six parts of the design are interlocked in nijiri style.

Work 6 rounds on each part.

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