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Advanced design; personal composition (Butterfly Reflections).  One of 6 JTA Kyoujyu (2007) exam designs; contributed by Ginny T.
Materials:  29 cm circumference mari wrapped in white.

For Stitching:  Pearl cotton #5 (or equivalent) in color(s) of choice (dark pink, and over-dyed pink/blue/purple used on this temari); heavy weight metallic in coordinating color; medium gold metallic; fine black metallic; 2mm ribbon/ribbon floss in 1 or 3 colors of choice

Marking thread in white iridescent (or regular) Bunka thread

Prepare an 8-Combination Division

With same thread as used in marking, add extra marking lines AB around each center point of C8 marking. Pt A is 1/3 distance from center to corner of diagonal marking line in each face.
Design motifs are stitched in mawashi gake / one thread style. Parts of design require threads to be passed under previously worked threads to obtain design effect. Refer to Working Diagram at left. With #5 pearl cotton, color of choice (pink used in example) begin at Pt 1. Carry thread and enter at Pt 2, exit at Pt a. Carry thread over marking thread and stitching thread to Pt 3, take stitch. Carry thread over marking line at Pt 4, enter at Pt b, exit at Pt 4. Pass needle under thread 3-b. Take stitch at pt 5. enter thread at Pt c, exit at Pt 6. Carry thread over marking & stitching thread, take stitch at 7. Enter at Pt d, exit at Pt 8. One round is completed. To continue, pass needle under worked threads 7-d. Continue in pattern as above, passing working thread under stitched threads at Pt 2, Pt 4, Pt c, Pt 8. Work 6 rounds, choosing colors as desired. Last round should be heavy weight metallic.

To create reflected butterflies, using fine black metallic thread work 2 lines of chain stitch for antennae on each side of kousa diamond formed from previous stitching (about 3 stitches). Finish with metallic gold French Knot. With medium gold metallic, work 5 vertical straight stitches in "wings" - open area of each diamond section formed from motif stitching.

Center Butterflies: Using 2mm ribbon/ribbon floss, in each C8 center place 3 long stitches on the two short legs of original marking lines, leaving loose tension (loops, about 3 finger width). With heavy metallic thread, tack in place with 3 stitches; add 2 short straight stitches for antennae. Finish antennae with French knots using medium gold thread. With fine black metallic, add 2 diagonal long stitches to opposite side for tails.

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