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Accomplished intermediate design; personal composition.  One of 8 JTA Shihan (2007) exam designs; contributed by Ginny T.
Materials: 30 cm mari, wrapped in black

Pearl Cotton #5 in red, orange, yellow, white and green.

Marking thread in to match mari wrap

Prepare an 8-Combination Division

Locate North pole and mark with pin. Place guide-pins on each square face of division as shown, 1/2 distance between center and edge. Each thread wrap will follow path as shown. Space 6 threads evenly from pins to corner ( i.e. pins to corner 1).  Use keeper pins to hold thread wraps in place.

GT58 Four sets of wraps will be done: 2 using red thread and 2 using orange.
Wrapping begins close to north pole and works outward. Thread #6 should just come to center of triangles of 8 Combination marking. It helps to place pin at this center to locate. Use red to work toward corners 1 and 2, and then orange to work towards corners 3 and 4. When red and orange threads cross, small diamonds will begin to be formed.
Locate line X-Y (side of square formed at 8 Combination center - it will be a section of red or orange thread of wrap.) To connect open areas of design and complete cross-hatch, use yellow
thread and stitch in Mawashi Gake style, following path 1-2-3-4-5-6-1 in diagram.
GT58 Repeat Mawashi Gake sequence four more times along side of square, evenly spaced along the length X-Y (five times total). Stitch Mawashi Gake sequence along sides of all squares. All threads will combine to form small triangles, with adjacent triangles forming diamonds, hexagons and pentagons (pentagons form only at centers of 8 Combination Triangle faces). Groom and adjust red, orange and yellow threads for even spacing. Use white thread and make cross-stitch each colored thread crossing/intersection. There will be six squares with empty centers remaining.
GT58 With white thread, take long stitches to form cross-hatch design as shown, spacing 7 threads along the sides of each square. Adjust thread to be evenly spaced. With green thread, take cross-stitch over each white thread cross-over/intersection.  With medium gold metallic thread, take single stitch around where two threads meet at sides of square.
Remove all keeper and marking pins.

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