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Intermediate design; one of 8 JTA Shihan  exam designs. Personal composition, contributed by Anne W.
Materials:  27cm mari wrapped in yellow

Pearl cotton #5 in dark purple, red-orange, dark teal, royal blue

Marking thread in gold metallic, same weight as pearl #5

Prepare an 8-Combination Division using gold metallic

Add extra marking lines following dotted lines in diagram to the left. The first layer of the design is maki kagari/wrapped bands, worked in this order with these colors: The original simple 4 lines plus equator, worked in red-orange; the additional C8 lines worked in purple; the extra marking lines worked in dark teal.

Note: the stitches for triangles and diamonds are worked around the wrapped bands - be sure not to pull them tight so as to compress the bands.

Work triangles (fig 1): Use Uwagake Chidori Kagari. Points 1,3,5 should be as close to the poles as possible. Points 2,4,6 are 1.2 between purple and teal intersections. Work 2 rows blue, 1 gold, 2 blue.

Work diamonds, in red-orange: Points 1,3 are as close to the poles as possible; points 2, 4 are as close to the triangles as possible. Work 2 rows red-orange, 1 gold, 2 red-orange.  Embellish with gold as shown in photo.

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