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Intermediate design; personal composition. Contributed by Anne W.
Materials:  25cm mari wrapped in light gray

Pearl cotton #5 in blue, purple and black

Marking thread in silver metallic

Prepare an 8-Combination Division in gold metallic

Add extra marking lines (shown in dotted pink) around the mari shown in the diagram to left. Find centers for Mitsubane Kikkou and number them in order as shown in diagram to left. Rows will be stitched in same sequence for kousa style.

Stitching sequence and placement are shown in diagram to the left, for mitsubane kikkou with bent tips. Stitches at bends in wings should alternate colors. Try to keep stitches close together; you may have to fit a stitch in between 2 rows of the opposite color. Each tri-wing will have 4 rows of respective colors; adjacent tri wings should be a different color so that the angle of each bend shows both colors. Finish each mitsubane kikkou with a row of black, so that the points touch in the centers of the 8-point faces.
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