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Advanced design; Interpreted from Yume Temari / Dream Temari Classic to Modern 8377-0199-X, pg 18. Originally posted in 2008; contributed by Terry B.
Materials: 31 cm circum mari, wrapped in black

Pearl Cotton #5 in white, red and black

Marking thread in black

Prepare an 8-Combination Division

TB04 As in diagram 1, place mark pins 1.5 cm inwards on opposite corners of one of the C8 squares. Mark the slanted square, outlined A B C D, with black perle.

Pin corners of the adjacent squares 1.5 cm inwards.  The three adjacent square corners meet at the center of one of the C8 triangles.

Pin all six C8 squares similarly—each square will have two normal corners and two 1.5 cm shorter corners.

Outline each marked slanted square in black perle.  When completed, you will have six outlined slanted squares and four open areas to place the final tri-wing design.

TB04 As in diagram 2, in each of the outlined slanted squares place a grid using white perle.  Each grid line is 6 perle threads and is parallel to the border.  Seven grid lines are placed in each direction by measuring half of the side, then half of that half and finally half again.

Where each white grid line crosses, stitch an X on top of each intersection.  Complete each slanted square by outlining it with 3 black, 1 red and 2 white perle.

In the four tri-wing spaces, using white perle, stitch a modified tri-wing with open stitches on each point (see diagram 3).

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