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Intermediate design; personal composition. Originally posted in 2006; contributed by Sandy S.
Materials: 24 cm circum mari, wrapped in purple

Pearl Cotton #5 in white, golds and blues

Marking thread to match mari wrap

Prepare an 8-Combination Division using invisible thread

Locate the diamond around a north and south pole of the marking, indicated by the green outlines in the diagram.  The diamonds around the poles will hold the uzumaki / spirals and the diamonds around the equator will hold the flowers. Start the spiral color at a narrow point of one diamond outline, near the pole.  Follow the closest edge to the right of this stitch, then make a small stitch at the wide point.  Continue to follow the diamond outline, moving in the same direction, until you reach the next narrow point.  Make a small stitch in the narrow point.  Follow the diamond outline, moving in the same direction, until you reach the next wide point.  Make a small stitch in the wide point.  Continue in the same direction until you return to the starting point.  Make a small back stitch at this point.  When you form the stitch, the point of the needle should touch the thread of the previous round of the spiral, slightly inward from the starting point of the round.  Bring the needle’s point out of the wrap at the same point that the thread emerged for the starting stitch. Continue to work spirals in this manner until all of the diamond shaped zones that touch the north or south pole have been filled.  As you follow the diamond outline it should have the appearance of two rays from the same point.

A frame is worked around each diamond opening around the equator.  Start the frame about 0.5 cm into the diamond, measuring from the point stitch of the swirl.  The first row of the pictured example was in light brown.  Make a stitch 0.5 cm from the outermost swirl stitch, on the guide line that passes through the swirl stitch being used as a point of reference.  Do this for all four corners of the opening, then work one more round, closer to the reference stitch than the first round.  Start the second frame color and work two more around the opening, placing a small stitch at each corner of the frame.  If there is adequate space, work a third frame color in the same manner. When the frames around the equator have been completed, work flowers in the openings.  The flowers in the pictured example were formed from Lazy Daisy stitch and French knots, with a bead for the flower’s center. 
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