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Intermediate design; interpreted from Japanese book. Originally posted in 2003; contributed by Paula G.
Materials: 24 cm circum mari, wrapped muted color

Pearl Cotton #5 8 colors; for this version I used red for all 12 of the diamond shapes, turquoise, medium green, yellow and orange for the 8 triangles with each of those colors being used twice, and medium purple, pink and white for the 6 square with each of those colors used twice.

Marking thread in muted color or to match mari wrap

Prepare an 8-Combination Division
This is a more involved kousa-style all over design; care must be taken to stitch all shapes and layers in sequence

Find on your marked ball the 12 diamonds, 8 triangles and 6 squares. Place 4 white pins in each diamond so that a=b=c as shown in the diagram. With red thread stitch one round in each diamond so that the thread passes right next to each of the white intersecting pins.

Place the first row of 8 triangles, 2 of each color on opposite sides of the ball, again passing by intersecting white pins (8 in each triangle).

Place the first row of 6 squares, 2 of each color in the same manner.
Depending on the size of your mari, you will work something like up to 8 rounds so for rounds 2- 8, repeat the same colors in the same order, one row per color. Leave room between shapes at the end for one row of black to outline. Add additional intersecting black lines into each intersecting white pin to trisect the small triangles. Remove the pins and you are finished.

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