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Intermediate design; interpreted from Owari Temari / Owari Special Temari ISBN4-8377-0391-7, pg. 20. Originally posted in 2003; contributed by Paula G.
Materials: 23 cm circum mari, wrapped muted color

Pearl Cotton #5 4 colors; one for background, 3 for pinwheels

Marking thread in muted color

Prepare an 8-Combination Division

The pinwheel design forms off of the squares shown on the diagram. There will be six - one on each face of the mari. The triangles in the diagram form the background.
Stitch the first row on the squares as shown in the diagram. There will be 6; 2 of each color making sure that the same color squares are on opposite sides of the ball. Stitch a row of triangles using the background color for the pattern. All triangles should be the same color. Each triangle point should cross to within the squares previously stitched, so that kousa design forms.
Repeat this stitching sequence - working a row on each of the squares and a row on each of the triangles until the ball is covered.
The pinwheel pattern itself can be varied by using different color threads, creating "stripes" in the squares as you stitch as seen in the black temari above (that was stitched using YLI Candlelight for the squares)

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