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Intermediate design; interpreted from Sousaku Temari Zukushi / Creative Temari ISBN4-8377-0696-7;   Originally posted in 2005; contributed by Linda W.
Materials: 28 cm circum mari, wrapped in white

Pearl Cotton #5 in light and dark pink

Marking thread in metallic silver

Prepare an 8-Combination Division with invisible thread

Add additional marking lines in invisible thread as shown in dashed lines in diagram.
Bisect each square to form 2 rectangles
The first rectangle is worked as follows: Divide the rectangle into 8 equal squares and work diamond shapes as shown, interweaving where they overlap, as per photograph and diagram at left.  Do 1 row light, 3 rows dark  and 1 row light, until the diamonds touch all edges of the rectangle.  Repeat in other 5 rectangles.

Second rectangle is worked thus (see diagram at left): use the same vertical guide lines as for the other rectangle.  Take stitches from top to bottom to top etc as shown in the diagram.  Then repeat in the opposite direction, weaving as shown.  The stitches should be taken with the needle always pointing N/S and not E/W as in most designs. using 1 row dark,  5 light, 1 dark.  Repeat in other 5 rectangles. Note: these 2 rectangles, when repeated, should be worked so that neither of the two patterns join onto another rectangle with the same pattern, as per photograph.
The triangles are worked as follows: Divide  the triangle equally, with 5 lines in each direction, using your pale color (double thread).  Anchor at each intersection with a small  stitch in each direction with your contrasting thread, forming stars.

Finish off by wrapping with one row metallic and either side of this, one row of your dark color as shown in the photograph. Also use this sequence of wrap colors to bisect the squares.

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