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Intermediate design; interpreted from Sousaku Temari  / Cosmo 2  ISBN4-8377-0280-5;   Originally posted in 2005; contributed by Linda W.
Materials: 28 cm circum mari, wrapped in brown

Pearl Cotton #5 in 3 colors

Marking thread in metallic gold

Prepare an 8-Combination Division with metallic thread

Stitch triangles A-B-C in each section using your first two colors (in this case, tan and beige), alternating each color so that they overlap on the intersections.

After approximately 6 rows change the colors around and stitch a further 6 rows, building the layers.

Now, in your third color (pale green) stitch diamonds 1-2-3-4, interweaving them with the triangles, as shown in the photograph.

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