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Intermediate design; interpreted from  Yume Temari / Dream Temari Classic to Modern ISBN4-8377-0199-X Originally posted in 2006; contributed by Louise O'D.
Materials: 30 cm circum mari, wrapped in white

Pearl Cotton #5 in colors of your choice

Marking thread in color of your choice

Prepare an 8-Combination Division

After marking the mari into a C8, locate the 6 squares that are formed around each of the six centers on the C8. Each of these large squares has four smaller squares in it, whose corners come together at the pole. You will then divide each of these small squares in half from top to bottom (see yellow line in diagram). The 6 large squares will have 8 sections, 4 on each side of the center line that goes from top to bottom through the pole. You can either mark it with thread or just measure or mark the halfway point with a pin.

Follow the red numbers as in the diagram. This is uwagake chidori kagari, applied a bit differently. Start stitching at #1 move up to 2, then down to 3, going “below” the center line/pole, up to 4 then down to 5, again going past the mid-line. Now you can exit here and restart or go under the center line and come out just above. This is important, as you want to create a ‘half’ diamond on each side of the squares. (See photo). Then starting at 6 follow the sequence to #10 exiting there. Next is Blue. Enter at ‘a’, then down to ‘b’ (going below the obi), up to c, down to ‘d’ and exit at ‘e’. 4- This is the last one for round #1, do the same as above, enter at “A”, up to “B” (going above the obi) down to “C” up to “D”, and exit at “E”.

Repeat these rounds in this order, about 6 rounds in each square. Better to have to few than too many. If to many it will look crowded and loose the diamond effect.

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