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Intermediate design; interpreted design. Originally posted in 2005; contributed by Lynne D. & Linda D.
Materials: 25 cm circum mari, wrapped in red

Pearl Cotton #5 in  white, gold and black

Marking thread in red

Prepare an 8-Combination Division

Being with the north pole facing you - Place pins as shown in the diagram at points A, B, C, D and 1, 2, 3, 4. Notice the dark heavy lines outlining triangles using these points, for example the triangle formed by pins A,B,4.
Locate these same triangles around the south pole (there will be 8 all together). Stitch these 8 triangles nejiri style/ interlocking as shown in the photo above. The example uses one row black, four rows white and one row black to attain the same effect shown. 
Locate the six squares that can be formed around each of the pole centers using the diagonal marking lines. (one at each pole and the 4 on the sides). Starting as close to the pole as you can, stitch following the purple arrows. Make sure you are stitching in the same orientation as the outside square and the other set of lines that would off set the square to the one you formed with the sides of the interlocking triangles.  Stitch until you reach the rows stitched on the interlocked triangles, to fill the center squares.  (White and then gold are used in the example - several rounds of white for the center of the squares and then finishing in gold).

Next are the smaller hexagons inside the triangles. You will use all 6 marking threads in the 8 small triangles (outlined by the interlocking triangles stitched in the first step) to stitch a hexagon (six-sided shape). Use as many rows as needed until the corners of the hexagon touch the sides of the triangles.  Again the example uses white and gold - several rounds of white for the center and the remainder in gold. Lastly, use black to add the "spider legs" radiating out from the squares and hexagons - using single thread, start at the corners of the shapes and follow the example photo to place long accent stitches, forming the "spider legs".

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