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Advanced design; interpreted from Kii Temari / Temari from Kii Region ISBN4837703933. Originally posted in 2001; contributed by Karen M. 
Materials: 33 cm circum mari, wrapped muted color

Pearl Cotton #5 in colors of your choice

Marking thread in metallic gold

Prepare an 8-Combination Division

Measure A1, then measure and pin the same distance on line A2. With invisible (matching) thread, stitch a marking line connecting all of the A1 and A2 points to form an octagon. Measure out from center of octagon 2.5cm on all 8 threads. Work rows of stitching from this point outward to the invisible octagon marking. The color sequence you use here will be repeated in the octagon spokes center.
Work one complete spoke and then move to the next one. With same color sequence as the octagon, work straight stitches on both sides of the marking thread, starting at the center most octagon thread, come up in between the first and second octagon thread, close to the center marking line. Lay thread directly across to the other side and enter needle in between the first and second rows, carry thread under mari wrap and come up on the opposite side of the marking line, between first and second rows, carry thread to other side, enter between first and second rows, carry to other side, come up between second and third rows. Continue in this manner, moving out one row each time. The outer edges of the spokes are formed by existing octagon rows. Work remaining spokes in the same manner and color sequence, interlocking the spokes as shown in the photo.
In the open areas between the octagons, work mitsubane kikkou (tri wing & hexagon) to fill.

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