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Intermediate design; interpreted from Japanese book. Originally posted in 2001; contributed by Karen M. 
Materials: 26 cm circum mari, wrapped in blue

Pearl Cotton #5 in colors of your choice

Marking thread in metallic gold

Prepare an 8-Combination Division

Add additional marker threads as shown in green on the diagram by bisecting the angles (these lines will not be straight as you go around the ball, so take a small stitch at each of the original marker threads to hold in place). Tack all intersections. You should now have 12 shapes, each with 8 threads intersecting.
Work each daisy in colors of your choice with matsuba kagari / straight stitches (shown in red in the diagram) making 3 stitches on each side of each marker thread, rounding the edges of the flower by making each one further away just a little shorter, but even with the opposite side. Stitches will cross and form a bundle in the center. Secure this bundle with a  double cross-stitch in a contrasting color. Work decorative straight stitches or another motif at the remaining marker thread intersections (shown in blue).

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