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Intermediate to advanced design; interpreted from  Atarashii Temari 3 / Cosmo 3  ISBN4837702813. Originally posted in 2006; contributed by Joan Z. & Debi A
Materials: 30 cm circum mari, wrapped in muted color

Pearl Cotton #5 in  colors of your choice

Marking thread in to match mari wrap

Prepare an 8-Combination Division in invisible thread

Add support lines as shown in diagram with dotted lines.  (The lines come to the halfway point on the diagonals of the square, they do not just cut across the square corners.)

Stitch design shapes (large square shown in blue (1) on the diagram, and wrapped bands shown in red (2) on the diagram).  Stitch background shapes (small squares)  & triangles as shown in the diagram.

Repeat steps the stitching sequence one, and then repeat again with reversed colors.  The design squares work inward (shitagake stitching) and the bands and background shapes work outward.  Finish filling in background.
This pattern can be worked in various color ways. It may also help to keep notes on color sequencing. It will also help to make a small square template to help in keeping the squares 'square', since it is difficult to place the support lines and maintain them.
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