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Accomplished intermediate design; personal composition. Originally posted in 2011; contributed by Ginny T.
Materials: 26 cm circum mari, wrapped in white

Caron Watercolours; Bermuda Reef/207, plied to 1 strand. (1 ply = #5 pearl, to substitute), turquoise metallic

Marking thread in silver metallic

Prepare an 8-Combination Division

Pin a north pole and remain oriented to a north pole as the design is polar. Place additional marking lines as shown in green in the diagrams below and left. This is one of those times when round and flat are not equal. The extra marking lines should be placed so the corners of the new inner squares that are formed in each of the 6 C8 squares have their corners on the short legs of the 8pt center lines. However, the lines will not fall in the middle of the diagonals. They will curve outward as shown in the blue line at left.

When using the diagram, note that points 6, 11 and 16 are "off the diagram" but when you are stitching, they will fall into the square of the C8 around the north pole. The same goes for points F, K and P; they will fall in the C8 square around the south pole. Renzoku Design: Work all design stitching with one ply of Watercolours (or pearl cotton #5). Be sure to mark the north pole and maintain orientation. Follow the stitching diagram, beginning with the northern hemisphere. When working, be sure to always turn the mari so that whatever line you are stitching around is oriented vertically in front of you and you are stitching right-to-left when passing the needle on the stitch. Take care not to pull the marking threads out of alignment. Pay careful attention to how the threads pass under or over each other: when passing from points 7 to 8, 12 to 13, & 17 to 18 pass the thread UNDER previous threads (see photo). When returning home from 19 to 20, allow the thread to pass over previous threads in normal manner. 4 "kite" medallions will emerge centered around the pole. Work 6 rounds, and then work 1 round in turquoise metallic.

Repeat the design in the southern hemisphere. Note the orientation of nejiri/interlocking the mid-section shapes: pass the thread under work from 1st half when working from points D to E, I to J, N to O & S to T as well as the under-pass described for the kite medallions.

To embellish the design, refer to the photo: With silver, work matsuba (straight stitch) sprays in the centers of the kites at the north and south poles. Work long matsuba across the north and south poles. Work matsuba sprays in the centers of the interlocked hexagons formed along the equator.

With turquoise, work matsuba sprays on each of the 6 point intersections formed at the corners of the marking line squares around the north and south poles. In each 8 point center around the equator, work one row of chidori kagari. Use edge of stitching design for outer points, and 0.5cm from center, in between marking lines, for inner points. (Inner points are stitched "off the grid", not on a line). Work matsuba across 8-point center, from inner point of chidori to opposite inner point. Outline the inner border of the hexagons.
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