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Intermediate design; personal composition. Originally posted in 2011; contributed by Ginny T.
Materials: 23 cm circum mari, wrapped in whjite

Pearl Crown Rayon or Kyo in black, yellow and red

Marking thread in black

Prepare an 8-Combination Division

This is 2 layer design, the first being kousa-style, the second a kiku motif worked in uwagake chidori kagari. Locate Diamond ABCD. The starting corners are placed 1/2 distance from the 4pt diamond center to the 8pt center. With black (stitching thread) work 1 round, and repeat in each of the remaining 11 diamonds around the mari. Locate Triangle  EFG: Points E, F and G are the same distance from the 8pt center as Points A and C (used in the diamond); Work 1 round in black, being sure to overlap the thread over the corners B and D of the diamonds. Repeat in the 7 remaining triangles around the mari. Repeat the cycle of 1 row on all diamonds and then 1 row on all triangles with red, and then 1 row with yellow. Repeat the color sequence 2 times, for a total of 9 rows
 GT55 The second layer of the design is worked on each of the 8 point centers. A star motif using uwagake chidori kagari is stitched. Place the inner/center stitches of the uwagake very close to the 8pt center; the outer points are placed just under and inside the threads of the diamonds and triangles, as shown in the diagram. Work 1 round of yellow, 1 of red, and 1 of black.
With red, stitch short matsuba kagari over each of the 6pt and 4pt intersections of the marking as embellishing to complete the design as shown in blue on the diagram.
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