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Accomplished beginner to intermediate design; interpreted adapted from Utsukushi Temari / Beautiful Temari ISBN4-5290-02782-1. Originally posted in 2006; contributed by Ginny T.
Materials: 24 cm circum mari, wrapped in muted color

Pearl Cotton #5 in 8 colors

Marking thread in to muted color

Prepare an 8-Combination Division

This is an all-over kousa style design. Put marking pins in the north and south poles of your prepared mari. Make a color sequence list of your 8 colors. You will use this to keep things in order as you stitch. Locate the 8 triangles of the C8 marking. The stitching path is the blue dashed line. 2 rows of each color will be worked, one in each of the 8 triangles, per cycle.

Use 4 colors in the 4 triangles around the north pole, and the other 4 around the 4 triangles around the south pole. Remain in sequence as you work (follow whatever color list you set up).

To finish the design, and create a "stained glass effect", use either single or double black thread to outline the triangles. You can add additional lines down the middle of the diamonds that are formed as two colors meet, if you wish.

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