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Accomplished beginner design; Originally posted in 2006; contributed by Ginny T.
Materials: 23 cm circum mari, blue

Pearl Cotton #5 in blue, green and pink

Marking thread in blue

Prepare an 8-Combination Division with metallic thread

This is a kousa-style design. Use the diagram to the left and lay out the colors and shapes. Each shape corner or point is situated at the 1/2way point between sections as shown. Start with the squares, then triangles, then diamonds and stitch 1 row each each  - the ball is composed of layers of these interlocking shapes. So - each full cycle of the pattern will be comprised of six squares, 8 triangles and 12 diamonds. Do one round on each shape and then repeat, building up layers. Overlap the points of each shape into the adjacent shape to interweave the design.
Continue until the ball is almost covered - leave 1/8 to 1/4 inch between final rounds to give the kaleidoscope effect.
This is a fairly forgiving pattern for being an all-over, covering the mari pattern - if you have more space between shapes than others at the end just toss in a few extra rounds. Generally it needs more squares and triangles than diamonds - if you look closely at the photo you will see that this is how the pattern filled in. It actually adds to the pattern outcome when this occurs, as it adds depth to the design.

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