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Beginner design; interpreted design.  Originally posted in 2009; contributed by Ginny T.
Materials: 24 cm circum mari, wrapped in black

Ribbon floss or equivalent

Marking thread in metallic gold

Prepare an 8-Combination Division with metallic thread


Locate the diamond shapes that are formed  - there will be 12, as a result of  the C8 division. One dragonfly will be stitched in each diamond.

Using 1 strand of ribbon floss (be sure to lay the ribbon floss flat as you stitch and avoid any twisting)), stitch long straight stitches in an "X" as shown (in gray), to form the wings of the dragonflies. Use two stitches each for each wing set as shown.
Anchor the thread and work matsuba kagari: come up at Pt 1, down at Pt 2, up at Pt 3, down at Pt 4, etc. until the 4 lines are complete. 

Use three matsuba kagari for the body.  Stagger the lengths of these stitches to give a head and tail effect. Work a cross stitch, and then a longer one in the center of the cross as shown in red in the photo to the left.

With thinner metallic, place a cross stitch across the body and wing stitches to hold them in place - don't pull it too tight. Place 2 long stitches on one end of the body, making a "head" - these stitches will form the antennae.

Stitch a dragonfly in each of the 12 diamonds on the mari. Embellish the temari as you wish.

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