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Intermediate design; personal composition created by request for the 2002 Dogwood Festival in Tennessee. Originally posted in 2006; contributed by Eiko T.
Materials: 25 cm circum mari, wrapped in green

Pearl Cotton #5 in white, pink, yellow, lt and dk green

Marking thread in gold metallic

Prepare an 8-Combination Division

The design is worked on a Combination 8 divide, and is good starting place for free embroidery designs.  Embroidery is worked in pearl cotton and comparable metallic.  The flowers are outlined in back stitch, and filled in with satin stitch. The centers are french knots. Tiny short stitches highlight the small indent/notch at the end of the flower petals. Small solid hexagons are worked at the six-point intersections, and long/short stitches are crossed at the four-point intersections.  In the diagram on the right, note the sector outlined in red; this is where the petals are outlined and filled (similar to an upside down heart shape).  For help in basic general embroidery stitches, refer to any online or printed reference for decorative embroidery. The diagram helps to clarify placement of design elements.  The diagram matches Eiko-san's photo in terms of the hexagons and long-short stitch sprays, rather than the sketch.

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