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Temari Pattern DA03 / TemariKai 8-Combination Patterns

Intermediate design;  Interpreted from Temari from Kii Region / Kii Temari, ISBN 4-8377-0393-3 pg. 8. Originally posted in 2005; contributed by Debi A.
Materials: 24 cm circum mari, wrapped blue

Pearl Cotton #5 in dark blue and white

Marking thread in metallic gold

Prepare a 8-Combination Division

Stitching the design:  This is a kousa style design.  You will build up the design by stitching blue on one set of four triangles (orange in diagram), then blue on a different set of four triangles (blue in diagram) and finally wrapping white along the straight line of the square (purple in diagram). 
First set of triangles:  These are marked in orange on the diagram.  Notice the triangle goes along parallel to the diagonal across the North Pole square then comes to a point on the side of one of the squares around the equator.  There are two of these triangles on the North Pole and two on the South Pole.  The South Pole ones are shifted 90 degrees from the North Pole ones.   Your first round will be slightly outside the pins; each additional row will be stitched closer to the poles.

Second set of triangles:  These are marked in blue on the diagram.  Notice they are situated like the first set of triangles but they are on the opposite set of lines.  They will overlap the first set.  Like the first four triangles, each additional row will be stitched closer to the poles.

Wrapped Bands:  These are marked in purple on the diagram.  Essentially they are  an S4 marking.  You will want to keep your thread start and stops in the area about halfway between the pole and the side of the square so they will get covered by the blue stitching eventually.  Do your first wraps close to the pole and work out.

Continue to rotate stitching on the First Triangle set, then the Second Triangle set, then the bands until the white bands come to the place where you started stitching the triangles.  Do one more round of blue on the triangles after that. Number of rounds may need to be adjusted based on size of mari.

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