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Temari Pattern DA02 / TemariKai 8-Combination Patterns

Intermediate design;  Interpreted from Atarashii Temari 5 / Cosmo 5 ,ISBN 4-8377-0283-0 pg. 2 ball #5   Originally posted in 2005; contributed by Debi A
Materials: 24 cm circum mari, wrapped purple

Pearl Cotton #5 in colors of your choice

Marking thread to match mari wrap

Prepare a 8-Combination Division

Locate the ‘straight’ lines of the square at the North pole. In all cases your stitches will be on the straight lines and the thread will travel along the diagonal line to the opposite pole. Stitch the orange band first (see diagram below, left) followed by the interlocking yellow band.
For the interlocking band, come up at the starting point, go over the red band, follow the diagonal line to the South pole and go under the red band before taking your stitch, then go over the red band and travel back to the North pole again going under the band before completing the stitch. Use this sequence for all of the 2 band intersections.

After working the first two bands, rotate the ball to work the blue and brown bands.  The blue and brown intersection will be as described above. Use the second  photo  to make sure you go over and under the existing red and yellow bands correctly.
Work the last two bands, purple and yellow/pinkish. These will cross the others at 3- way intersections. Those intersections have an established over/under sequence from the previous two bands so keep that in mind as you weave.
Remove marking threads if necessary and embellish the negative space as desired. I really liked to leave my negative space blank. The original version in the book was heavily filled with parallel gold straight stitches.

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