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Intermediate design; interpreted design; originally posted in 2005; contributed by Anne W.
Materials: 22 cm circum mari, wrapped in muted color

Pearl Cotton #5 in colors of your choice

Marking thread in muted color

Prepare an 8-Combination Division

When you look at the C8 you will see 6 faces, each one a  square.  Now, when you look at the ball from the center of one of those  faces, you will see 4 triangles that go from that center to the equator The top point of the triangle is on the  diagonal marking line of the face you're looking at, and the bottom 2 points are  on the diagonals of the adjacent faces.  On these diagonals,  measure 1/3 of the way from the 8-pt centers (the distance shown from the center point to Point A on the diagram).  All of your stitches will be  on these diagonal lines.

You will be stitching 8 triangles and 6  squares,  Kousa style, to complete this pattern. The triangles are  stitched from the 1/3 mark to the center of each face, and the squares will  be stitched from the 1/3 mark to the corners of each face. The star shape  was achieved by stitching 2 rows on each square to 1 row on each  triangle (alternating rows of triangles and rows of squares). Total number of cycles will vary depending on the size of the ball; just continue until the base  is completely covered.  This ball was worked as a bits ball on the squares to achieve the multi-colored background, but any other color choices can be used.

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