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Accomplished intermediate design; original composition design focusing on integrating various overlapping forms.   Contributed by Shelley S.
Materials: 25 cm circum mari, wrapped in black

Stranded floss  in light, medium and dark green, white, purple, light, medium and dark pink, and peach embroidery floss; fine gold thread.

Marking thread: fine gold metallic

Prepare a 10-Combination Division

Add extra jiwari using fine gold metallic, as shown in diagram to the left: first an offset pentagon as shown in red, and then the green, which will be offset to the red but centered to the original C10 lines.
The green framing shapes start with 2 threads of pale green embroidery thread. Start the stitch ¼ up from a pentagon center (1) then to the inside offset line (2) keep the line parallel to the diagonal spoke. Take a stitch then go to a point 1/3 from the center point where 2 of the first offset lines cross (3). Then run the stitch just beyond the center of the triangle space (4), then back to a point 1/3 from the edge the first offset line on the next pentagon (5), then to a point ¼ in from the edge of the second offset line (6) and back to a point ¼ up from the pentagon center (7). Repeat the form in reverse following #8 – #12 and back to #1. Repeat with 2 threads of medium and dark green to finish. Repeat with the other 4 sides of the first pentagon, then the rest of the pentagons.

In pentagon 1, in the first petal shape, use a single thread of purple, start at the bottom and stitch 7 kiku stitches in a fan shape overlapping the stitches at the bottom. Repeat to complete the pentagon. In the 5 adjacent pentagons use the same fan kiku pattern and stitch white, pale pink, medium pink, dark pink and peach flower petals. Repeat at the South pole pentagons.

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