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Intermediate design; interpreted/inspired from photo seen online. Contributed by Shelley S.
Materials: 25 cm circum mari, wrapped in medium pink

Pearl Cotton #5 in white, pink and burgundy

Marking thread: thin blue thread

Prepare a 10-Combination Division


This is a 2 layer design with the different layers interlocking Nejiri style to create interest. The diagram on the left shows the first layer of the pattern. The pattern starts at the half-way point of the pentagon along the diagonal lines. Stitch around the pentagon with two rows of white thread then two rows of the pink then two rows of the burgundy. These 6 rows are shown as dark pink in the diagram. Repeat these rows again, as shown in the diagram by the lighter colour. These rows will leave a small edge of the base colour showing at the perimeter edge. Complete all other pentagons before starting the next layer.
The second layer of the pattern uses the triangles between the pentagons, shown as green in the second drawing. Use the same color pattern of 2 white, 2 pink and 2 burgundy that was used in the first layer. This layer starts at point #1 and interlocks  Nejiri style with each of the 6 thread layers to point 2 and maintaining the same over and under weaving technique to point 3 and then back to point 1. Nejiri sequence is shown in the diagram to the left.  Repeat for all the remaining triangles. It is important to maintain the same over and under Nejiri sequence. 
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