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Temari Pattern JM02 / TemariKai 10-Combination Patterns

Intermediate design; interpreted from Atarashii Temari 6 / Cosmo Book 6, ISBN 8377-0784-X, page 1, 56, 57Contributed by Janice M. This was also offered by Janice as a TalkTemari StitchAlong in November 2014
Materials: 28cm wrapped in black thread. 

Kyo Thread: 101 bright yellow, 35  bright green, 6 medium blue, 3 light pink,
26 dark pink, 17 dark purple

Marking thread: thin silver metallic thread

Prepare a 10-Combination Division

The pattern is made up of 5 separate, evenly spaced sets pentagons of 3 rounds each, stitched nejiri style around each of the 12 poles.  The pentagons around each pole are numbered 1 to 5, with 1 being the smallest and 5 being the largest.  Refer to diagram 1.  Each pentagon will consist of 3 rounds of stitching.  The pentagons will be stitched in the following order:  3s, 1s, 2s, 4s, 5s.  I stitched all 1s in yellow and all 5s in dark pink.  I used 4 colors, randomly, to stitch pentagons 2, 3 and 4.

Pentagon 3: Stitch pentagon 3 on one face, taking stitches at the 4 line intersections.  Repeat on all 12 faces, interlocking the pentagons nejiri style.  See diagram at left for correct over/under orientation.  This will be important in subsequent rounds.

Pentagon 1: Use pins to mark 1/3 the distance from the poles to the 4 line intersections.  Stitch pentagon 1 around each pole.

Pentagon 2:Stitch pentagon 2 around each pole, centering the 3 rounds between pentagons 1 and 3, so the spacing between pentagons is even.

In the directions for rounds 4 and 5, A will refer to the pentagons/center you are starting from, B will refer to the pentagons/center you are moving towards. 
Pentagon 4: Pentagon 4 will intersect  with the pentagon 2s of the surrounding pentagons.  Refer to diagram 3.  Come up by A2.  Go over A2, under A3, over B3 and under B2.  Repeat for each side of the pentagon.  On subsequent pentagons you will also be going over and under round 4s from previously stitched pentagons as follows:  over A2, under A3, over B4, under A4, over B3, under B2. 

Pentagon 5:Pentagon 5 is stitched similarly to pentagon 4.  Come up by A1, go over A1, under B5, over A2, under B4, over A3, under B3, over A4, under B2, over A5, under B1.

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