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Accomplished beginner design; inspired & loosely interpreted from Tanoshii Temari Aso / Fun with Temari, ISBN 4837701035, pgs 2 & 62. Contributed by Cheryl VonH.
Materials: 32cm circum mari, wrapped in white

Pearl Cotton #5 in blue and black
Marking thread in inconspicuous gauge, or invisible

Prepare a 10-Combination Division using marking thread.

Pin the center of any pentagon.  Five butterflies will be stitched around this pin. Note how one wing is within the right triangle of a flat side of the pentagon and extends into the adjacent pentagon. When the ball is rotated 90 degrees to the right, note that the second wing part is within the right triangle of a flat side of the adjacent pentagon.

Each butterfly is inside a diamond shape. Using double thread in blue, work Matsuba Kagari as shown in the diagram to the left. Keep stitches just inside the outline of the diamond.  Work seven stitches for each wing as shown in the diagram. Repeat in each triangle of the pentagon, and then in each pentagon of C10 marking. 

Butterfly bodies and antenna:  Using black single thread, take three holding stitches (Tabane Kagari) over each of the matsuba stitch bundles. To complete, take long stitches of varying lengths to for a pair of antennae on each butterfly.
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