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Intermediate design. This pattern was inspired by an online photo album; it does appear in Japanese books as well. Contributed by Cheryl VonH.
Materials: 30-35cm circumference mari, wrapped in blue

Pearl Cotton #5 in three or five shades: two skeins each for the predominant colors and one each for the others.
Metallic thread in silver, light and medium weights

Prepare a 10-Combination Division using medium silver thread

Add extra guidelines:  A continuous path will be stitched within each of the original twelve pentagons, one pentagon at a time. Divide the long leg of the pentagon into 4 equal sections. Beginning near the center using fine metallic silver thread, stitch a pentagon 1/4 of the distance out from the center. Carry the thread under the mari wrap to repeat stitching a pentagon 1/2 of the distance out from the center. Carry the thread under the mari wrap and stitch a 3rd pentagon 3/4 of the distance out from the center. Keep extra marking lines parallel to the original pentagon’s perimeter.  There will be 3 smaller pentagons within the original.
Continuing with thin metallic, stitch a large star.  Begin at Point 1 (bottom in diagram) and stitch in order 1 – 2 – 3 etc., returning to Pt 1. 

3. Stitch red line as shown in the diagram between the original pentagon and the middle extra pentagon, taking two short stitches, then two long stitches as shown in red in the diagram, repeated around to place of origin.
CVH03 \ Tack the points, shown as blue dots in the diagram to the left.
Stitch a small star around the innermost smallest pentagon, as shown in diagram to the left, red line.
Stitch 1 – 2 – 3 etc. back to 1.  This completes the additional marking lines. Repeat in each 10-point center.
Begin in the center of an original pentagon. Locate a long leg on the smallest pentagon.  Six marking threads intersect at this point.  Using the first color (peach in the sample), stitch two rounds at this intersection to form a small solid hexagon. Repeat on an adjacent intersection and stitch two rounds. Repeat at the other three intersections on this smallest pentagon.
Move to the halfway pentagon, locate the six point intersections On this halfway pentagon, each intersection on the long legs is a 6-pt intersection. On the short legs they are 8-pt intersections but only 6 thin marking threads. Stitch on only the thin threads.  Stitch two rounds using second color (2 shades of yellow in this example) around these intersections.
Move out to the 3/4 pentagon, and work 2 rounds of the second color (yellow) on these 6-pt centers.You'll have 30 small hexagons in this motif section.

Locate an intersection of six original heavier marking threads - this will be a corner of the original 12 pentagons from the C10 marking.  Using the third color (2 shades of blue in the example) stitch two rounds around this intersection. Locate another regular hexagon beside it and stitch two rows.  When the hexagon includes thick marking threads, again ignore them and stitch on the 6 thin ones. Continue until all 84 hexagons are complete.

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