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Temari Pattern AW11 / TemariKai 10-Combination Patterns

Accomplished Intermediate design; one of 8 JTA Shihan  exam designs. Personal composition, contributed by Anne W. This Shihan submission pattern was chosen for publication in Irodori no Temari, Saijiki  / Color Coordinated Temari & Seasonal Events  ISBN 978483770110-1   Copyright 2010.
Materials:  35 cm circum mari, wrapped in white

Stitching threads: Pearl Cotton #5 in red, yellow, green, blue, purple, black

Marking thread in fine metallic silver

Prepare a 10-Combination Division

Add extra marking lines as shown by dotted lines in diagram to the left. The "triwing pinwheels" are centered at corners of pentagons formed by C10 lines. Each pentagon has a different color pinwheel at each corner; there will be 4 pinwheels of each color. Work all pinwheels of one color before moving on to next. Repeat the color sequence the same for each layer. Stitches at bends in pinwheels should alternate colors.
Stitching sequence is indicated in the diagram to the left. Stitches 3,7, & 11 are halfway between corner and pole. All other stitches start close to "turning points" and move outward with each row. Center hexagons of pinwheels should be solid

Work four rounds on each pinwheel in color, then one final row in black. The points of the pinwheels should reach to the poles.

Embellish with long stitches of silver thread, shown as light blue in the diagram, from pole to inside edges of pinwheels.

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