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Temari Pattern KK03 / TemariKai 10-Combination Patterns

Advanced design; personal composition.  One of 8 JTA Shihan (2012) exam designs, contributed by Karin K.
Materials: 30cm circumference wrapped in dark color

Pearl Cotton #5: Bright blue,  Dark red, Pink, Medium green, Dark green,  Light pink, Red, Medium green, Dark lilac,, Yellow, Orange, Lilac

Marking thread in double strand sewing thread in color to match mari wrap

Prepare a 10-Combination Division

Identify and label the twelve pentagon centers A-L. Place A opposite G, B opposite H, C opposite I, …, and F opposite L. Pick 12 different colors and match them in pairs. In this case the following DMC #5 perle cottons were used:
Center    Color
A/G     Bright blue (995) / Dark red (304)
B/H     Pink (335) / Medium green (906)
C/I       Dark green (700) / Light pink (3326)
D/J      Red (606) / Medium green (996)
E/K     Dark lilac (550) / Yellow (973)
F/L      Orange (740) / Lilac (209)
Begin at (1) at pentagon center A and stitch one row in hoshi kagari / star pattern (1-2-3-4-5-1), using color 995. Then stitch one row with color 335 at pentagon center B. Continue in this way (kousa style) at all twelve pentagon centers in strict order A-L until the threads have filled half the distance (or almost but not more than half, approx 6 rows for a mari of this size) to the adjacent pentagon centers. Then stitch one row of black (310) round all centers A-L. Then switch color with the opposite pentagon center and continue until mari is filled. Finish the Temari by outlining all color fields with black thread where there is not already a black line (never let there be double black thread).

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