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Temari Pattern KC01 / TemariKai 10-Combination Patterns

Intermediate design; interpreted design.  Contributed by Karen C.
Materials: 28 cm circum mari, wrapped in lavender

Pearl Cotton #5 in  light yellow, light green, light turquoise, light blue, light
purple, and light pink

Marking thread in fine metallic silver

Prepare a 10-Combination Division

Design is kousa style. Select 6 pairs of differently colored/numbered pins (1N, 1S, 2N, 2S, etc.) and place the pins  in C10 centers so that the 1N is directly opposite 1S, 2N is opposite 2S, etc.  Stitching sequence will be 1N, 1S, 2N, 2S, 3N, 3S, 4N, 4S, 5N, 5S, 6N, 6S.
Locate points ABCDE around center 1N. This is located ½ the distance between the pentagon edge of the 10-point center and the neighboring 10-point center. Using light yellow, stitch hoshi kagari / 5-pointed star following ABCDEA around the center marked 1N  Repeat  for center 1S using light yellow.
Using light green repeat for the centers marked 2N and 2S. Using light turquoise, repeat for the centers marked 3N and 3S.  Using light blue, repeat for the centers marked 4N and 4S. Using light purple, repeat for the centers marked 5N and 5S. Using light pink, repeat for the centers marked 6N and 6S. Repeat the cycle starting at 1N for a total of 9 rows on each center. Groom threads as needed to make lines straight and the woven areas symmetric.

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