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Temari Pattern JM01 / TemariKai 10-Combination Patterns

Accomplished beginner to intermediate design; interpreted from Naniwa Temari & Miyako Temari / Elegant Temari ISBN-8377-0695-9, pg 4. Contributed by Janice M.
Materials: 24cm mari wrapped in black thread.  

Pearl cotton #5 in purple, lavender, pink and light pink.

Marking thread: medium silver metallic thread

Prepare a 10-Combination Division

Pentagons: Locate one of the 12 pentagons. Referring to  diagram 1, place pins at
points A-E, 1/8 of the distance from X -Y.  Using purple, stitch from A-B-C-DE-A, forming
a pentagon.  Stitch a second row in purple, and a third row in lavender.  Repeat on the
remaining 11 pentagons, interlocking pentagons nejiri style, as in the diagram.

Stars: Referring to diagram 1, place pins at points 1-5,  1/2 way between O - P. Refer to the star at the lower left of the diagram while stitching.  Threads will interlock nejiri style. With pink, stitch Hoshi Kagari from 1 - 2 - 3 -  4 - 5 - 1, forming a star. Stitch a total of 4 rounds of pink and one round of light pink.  Repeat on the remaining 11 pentagons.

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